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    AG Fonin

    Magneto- and spin electronics stand at the boundary between fundamental physics research, materials science and technological applications. Of particular interest here are new classes of magnetic materials as well as the surface and interface properties of magnetic nanostructures. In each specific area the interplay between structural, electronic and magnetic properties of the system under investigation is of prime importance.

  • LT-STM
    Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy


Sabina's paper accepted (Small  2018)

Layer-by-layer decoupling of twisted graphene sheets epitaxially grown on a metal substrate

S. Simon, E. Voloshina, J. Tesch, F. Förschner, V. Enenkel, Ch. Herbig, T. Knispel, A. Tries, J. Kröger, Yu. Dedkov, and M. Fonin

Small 2018.

The electronic properties of graphene can be efficiently altered upon interaction with the underlying substrate resulting in a dramatic change of charge carrier behavior. Here we investigate the evolution of the local electronic properties of...

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