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Fabian's paper online (ACS Nano 2019)

Bulk-Like Magnetic Signature of Individual Fe4H Molecular Magnets on Graphene

F. Paschke, P. Erler, V. Enenkel, L. Gragnaniello, and M. Fonin

ACS Nano 13, 780 (2019)

Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) incorporate key properties that make them promising candidates for the emerging field of spintronics. The challenge to realize ordered SMM arrangements on surfaces and at the same time to preserve the magnetic properties upon interaction with the environment is a crucial point on the way to…

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Best Poster Prize for Fabian Paschke

Attending the second Spins on Surfaces (SoS II) workshop in San Sebastián, Fabian Paschke won the best poster prize for his poster presentation of "Chemical doping of Fe4 SMMs on graphene".

Julia's paper online (Nanoscale 2018)

The graphene/n-Ge(110) interface: structure, doping, and electronic properties

J. Tesch, F. Paschke, M. Fonin, M. Weinstruk, S. Böttcher, R. Koch, A. Bostwick, Ch. Jozwiak, E. Rotenberg, A. Makarova, B. Paulus, E. Voloshina, and Yu. Dedkov

Nanoscale 10, 6088 (2018).

The implementation of graphene in semiconducting technology requires the precise knowledge about the graphene-semiconductor interface. In our work the structure and electronic properties of the graphene/n-Ge(110) interface are…

Sabina's paper online (Small 2018)

Layer-by-layer decoupling of twisted graphene sheets epitaxially grown on a metal substrate

S. Simon, E. Voloshina, J. Tesch, F. Förschner, V. Enenkel, Ch. Herbig, T. Knispel, A. Tries, J. Kröger, Yu. Dedkov, and M. Fonin

Small 14, 1703701 (2018).

The electronic properties of graphene can be efficiently altered upon interaction with the underlying substrate resulting in a dramatic change of charge carrier behavior. Here we investigate the evolution of the local electronic properties of…

Samuel's paper online (Nanoscale 2018)

Charge transport in a single molecule molecule transistor probed by scanning tunneling microscopy

S. Bouvron, R. Maurand, A. Graf, P. Erler, L. Gragnaniello, M. Skripnik, D. Wiedmann, C. Engesser, C. Nef, W. Fu, C. Schönenberger, F. Pauly, and M. Fonin

Nanoscale 10, 1487 (2018).

We report on the scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS) study of cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPc) molecules deposited onto a back-gated graphene device. We observe a clear gate voltage (Vg) dependence of…

Luca's paper online (Nano Lett. 2017)

Uniaxial 2D Superlattice of Fe4 Molecular Magnets on Graphene

L. Gragnaniello, F. Paschke, P. Erler, P. Schmitt, N. Barth, S. Simon, H. Brune, S. Rusponi, and M. Fonin

Nano Lett. 17, 7177 (2017).

We demonstrate that electrospray deposition enables the fabrication of highly periodic self-assembled arrays of Fe4H single molecule magnets on graphene/Ir(111). The energetic positions of molecular states are probed by means of scanning tunneling spectroscopy, showing pronounced long- and…

A material with promising properties (Adv. Mater. 2018)

The Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1214 at the University of Konstanz has developed a method for synthesising Europium (II) oxide nanoparticles - a ferromagnetic semiconductor that is relevant for data storage and data transport.

Ferromagnetic semiconductors have attracted increasing attention over the last decade. Their properties make them promising functional materials that can be used in the field of spin-based electronics (spintronics). Spintronics is of crucial importance for the…

Julia's paper online (Carbon 2017)

Growth and electronic structure of graphene on seniconducting Ge(110)

J. Tesch, E. Voloshina, M. Fonin, and Yu. S. Dedkov

Carbon 122, 428 (2017).

The direct growth of graphene on semiconducting or insulating substrates might help to overcome main drawbacks of metal-based synthesis, like metal-atom contaminations of graphene, transfer issues, etc. Here we present the growth of graphene on n-doped semiconducting Ge(110) by using an atomic carbon source and the study of the…

Julia's paper online (Phys. Rev. B 2017)

Local electronic properties of the graphene-protected giant Rashba-split BiAg2 surface

J. Tesch, E. Voloshina, M. Jubitz, Yu. Dedkov, and M. Fonin

Phys. Rev. B 95, 155428 (2017).

We report the preparation of an interface between graphene and a strong Rashba-split BiAg2 surface alloy and an investigation of its structure as well as the electronic properties by means of scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations. Upon evaluation of the quasiparticle…

Joint paper with AG Polarz (Angew. Chem. 2017)

Magneto-adaptive surfactants showing anti-Curie bwhavior and tunable surface tension as porogens for mesoporous particles with 12-fold symmetry

S. Hermann, M. Wessig, D. Kollofrath, M. Gerigk, K. Hagedorn, J. A. Odendal, M. Hagner, M. Drechsler, P. Erler, M. Fonin, G. Maret, and S. Polarz

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56, 5475 (2017).

Gaining external control over self-organization is of vital importance for future smart materials. Surfactants are extremely valuable for the synthesis of diverse…